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Flexible technology for the management of insurance companies

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Actualidad SISnet 13.6 version

June 2023

New capabilities in decoupling. In this version, progress has been made in the area of invoices, incorporating the decoupled invoice search engine, to link with the decoupled invoice query already carried out. Advances have also been made in the capabilities of the decoupled agenda, with the processing of filters, alerts, etc.

Factories and increased capabilities in SISnet Store. From now on, three new element factories have been added: letter templates, commercial campaigns and business concepts. In addition, the tools for validations in the generation and installation of configuration packages have been reinforced.

Inclusion of marks on invoices. The possibility of enabling marks in invoices from the mark management has been added, thus extending the catalogue of business objects that can be marked.

Multi-threaded pricing in scenarios. Performance improvements have been implemented in scenario pricing by adding multi-threaded pricing.

Actualidad SISnet 13.5 version

May 2023

Evolution of the uncoupled agenda. We have increased the capabilities of the decoupled agenda in SISnet, so that filters can be set, deleted and obtained on a per-user basis.

New configuration for packet generation capabilities in SISnet Store. With this version, it is possible to generate packages for material workshops, insurance texts, messages or help texts. This way, SISnet Store is ready to handle almost all of the system's configurative elements.

Optimisation of the contingency search engine. From this version onwards, it is possible to search for contingencies both by the policy under which the opening is initiated and by the policy/s to which the contingency is finally related. Additionally, this search criterion is also applied to contingencies that are rejected.


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