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Actualidad SISnet 13.1 version

January 2023

Ability to control the tariff date at the risk level. From this version onwards, the option of pricing each of the risks of the policy by an independent tariff date is allowed, instead of using the tariff date set in the policy for all of them. This configuration is activated per line of business, by means of a flag or tag in the line of business configuration xml. More information in the document Fechas de tarifa por riesgo.

Functionality to establish mappings of input structures in Interface Logic Workshop operations.The capability to create a mapping of specific input data in operations that receive a structure (PAYLOAD type) has been added. To do this, the sources of the different data required are selected and the input structure of the operation is selected as the destination. This results in a lighter and less overloaded object than currently generated. More information in the manual Taller de lógica de interfaz responsive.

Actualidad SISnet v 13 Special Issue

December 2022

SISnet releases version 13 with exciting new features that make it grow in vertical and horizontal functionality, technological capabilities and tools. This publication gathers the main headlines of the contents of version 13, and highlights the important milestones achieved during 2022.

Incorporation of BPMs and questionnaires in SISnet Store. SISnet Store is a configuration hub that contains packages of SISnet elements, in a SISnet Studio environment, from which to install them to be applied to a customization environment, as is or with the required adaptations. In the process of enriching this hub, which was released with version 12, BPM processes have been incorporated as a type of configuration package. Complete processes, which incorporate both the process and its activities as well as the questionnaires and associated rules (and rule systems) for its operation.

Integration con CIMA. CIMA is an open platform that guarantees EIAC connectivity between all insurance entities and the technological solutions of mediation in a more convenient and efficient way. It allows insurance companies, brokers and software providers, through the EIAC Standard language, to maintain an effective and efficient communication that facilitates their developments. With this integration, SISnet incorporates the advantages of belonging to the CIMA platform for companies and brokers, deepening the EIAC capabilities.

SISnet Internet Office, version 1. When we talk about 'internet office', we are referring to a specific portal oriented to the clients (policyholders) of a company, where they can consult their quotes and their policies and associated elements (receipts, claims, essential documentation), and perform basic operations on them. SISnet provides this specific portal, on decoupled front-end and API elements, fully functional and ready to use with minimal configuration. In this first phase it is oriented to individual and group policyholders, hosting only query elements.

Chip Card integration. Chip Card is a connectivity platform at the service of the healthcare sector to assist in the management of healthcare services offered by professionals through companies. SISnet already contains the integration with Chip Card's Virtual Health Terminal for the management of health benefits.

BPM process anomaly detector. Applying a machine learning technology, we have developed an element whose purpose is the detection of anomalies in the execution of BPM processes. It is a microservice that receives information from BPM processes to, based on a series of cases, train a predictive model that allows, in a productive environment, to know (on request or proactively) if the process is on the way to go wrong or has been executed erroneously.

Upgrade to Angular version 14 in Decoupled Front. 'SISnet's decoupled front end updates the version of Angular on which it is based to version 14, which allows security improvements both in the framework itself and in the dependency packages used in the application. With this update, Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported in the decoupled front end.

Version merger and version comparator for TLI2 templates. Working with TLI2 templates offers new methodological possibilities with the inclusion of the functionalities of merging templates and comparing versions. The template merger makes it possible to work from a base template in different developments (incident resolution, evolutionary, etc.) with several development teams simultaneously, and to include individually the changes made in the base template once each development is completed. The tool will automatically include the dependencies and validate the correct consistency of the integrity between elements at the time of merging the development. The version comparator and the activation of the template versioning enables the possibility of comparing the changes made (including date and user) between the latest version of the template and its previous versions. More information can be found in Responsive interface logic workshop manual.

Technical Basis Configuration Tree. The SISnet Technical Basis Workshop for Risk Life, built with a low / zero code orientation, has been enriched with the incorporation of a configuration tree, which replaces the mini-workshops when it comes to its management and maintenance. Through this element we approach a product configurator concept in a dashboard mode for use by a business user. Thus, it contains filters and viewing controls, positioning in the tree when making assignments, queries in the assignment and base type loads by category, etc.

Claims under Zero Code Paradigm. When we started working with the Zero Code Paradigm, the first area of development and application was the underwriting processes; shortly afterwards it was extended to the rest of the areas, with the claims area being one of the most extensive that we have had to deal with. In this version 13, the application of ZC elements in the opening and modification of claims, in the opening of contingencies and in the management of files has been completed. Likewise, the economic movements of the claim and the actions of refusal and closure of claims have been framed within the ZC paradigm.

API resource modeling in Claims. In the benefit area, through API resources, the opening and modification of Death and Auto claims, the pre-opening of Life and Accident contingencies, and the query of Death and Auto claims have been modeled. In subsequent minor versions, the opening, modification and query of Household claims will be incorporated.

Facilities for embedded insurance implementation. Embedded insurance is insurance that is linked to a product or service and offered to the consumer as an optional extra during the purchase process. They are usually linked to assistance, accident and travel insurance, and focus on the bundling of the offer, ease of contracting and maximum adaptation to the target customer. The evolution carried out in the Materials Workshop facilitates the parameterization of these products by providing additional configuration elements to be linked to the characteristics of the products or services in which they are embedded.


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