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Actualidad SISnet Versión 12.23

November 2022

New digital signature integration in core. The first version of the SISnet SGAIM EISD module, which allows integration with the SGAIM digital signature system for documents, is now available and in future releases it will be enriched with complementary functionalities.
Vulnerability solved. After detecting the vulnerability of the Apache Commons Text dependency between versions 1.5. to 1.9., this dependency has been updated to version 1.10. in SISnet Core. In addition, the Commons Text dependency has been excluded in its affected versions, in those libraries where it appears as a transitive dependency. This update has been published in version 12.23.0 and has been extended to version 12.10. of SISnet Core.

Actualidad SISnet Version 12.22

November 2022

Management of requests for transfer of pension plans and insured pension plans. Moving forward in the Life Savings branch, INVERCO's Notebook 234 has been implemented for the processing of transfers, both to and from the origin and destination companies, using configurable BPM processes. More information in the manuals Transfer of pension plans (Notebook 234) and Configuration for pension plan transfers (Notebook 234).

Improvements in the 'Debug Zero Code' functionality.. New elements have been added such as the visualization of actions in execution of a thread, a section with Objects in space or the possibility of starting the ZC Debug by the user. More information in the Zero Code Rules Debug Manual.


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  • 1st SISnet implementation was in 2004
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  • SISnet is already present in 5 countries
    Presence in 5 countries


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