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Actualidad SISnet 13.9 version

September 2023

Evolution of reserve processing in claims assignments. This functionality has changed in form and substance in order to allow more versatility. Through a new system of rules and its association to a new base table, it will allow the generation of reservations by type of order, reservation concept and amount. It could operate both at company level and by line of business. More information in the document Colaboradores y encargos de siniestro.

Expansion of export and import tools. In order to facilitate the use of the system by users, new tools have been incorporated for exporting and importing insurance texts, article templates and reinsurance texts. All this from CSV files.

Taxation for Life - Form 189. Tax Form 189 of the Securities, Insurance and Income Information Statement has been implemented for life savings products.

Actualidad SISnet 13.8 version

August 2023

New factories in SISnet Store. We keep completing the SISnet Store capabilities, this time including the business object action factories and API resource factories.

What's new in the Line of Business wizard. As part of the improvements in the registration and maintenance of insurance products, a new registration option has been added for commercial products within the management of business lines, to facilitate their definition.

Management tab added in the claims view. The Management tab already existing in other objects within the application, such as policies or invoices, has been extended to claims to complete the functionality of the application.

Actualidad SISnet 13.6 version

June 2023

New capabilities in decoupling. In this version, progress has been made in the area of invoices, incorporating the decoupled invoice search engine, to link with the decoupled invoice query already carried out. Advances have also been made in the capabilities of the decoupled agenda, with the processing of filters, alerts, etc.

Factories and increased capabilities in SISnet Store. From now on, three new element factories have been added: letter templates, commercial campaigns and business concepts. In addition, the tools for validations in the generation and installation of configuration packages have been reinforced.

Inclusion of marks on invoices. The possibility of enabling marks in invoices from the mark management has been added, thus extending the catalogue of business objects that can be marked.

Multi-threaded pricing in scenarios. Performance improvements have been implemented in scenario pricing by adding multi-threaded pricing.

Actualidad SISnet 13.5 version

May 2023

Evolution of the uncoupled agenda. We have increased the capabilities of the decoupled agenda in SISnet, so that filters can be set, deleted and obtained on a per-user basis.

New configuration for packet generation capabilities in SISnet Store. With this version, it is possible to generate packages for material workshops, insurance texts, messages or help texts. This way, SISnet Store is ready to handle almost all of the system's configurative elements.

Optimisation of the contingency search engine. From this version onwards, it is possible to search for contingencies both by the policy under which the opening is initiated and by the policy/s to which the contingency is finally related. Additionally, this search criterion is also applied to contingencies that are rejected.

Actualidad SISnet 13.4 version

April 2023

CIMA Integration. From this version on, the management of CIMA services is integrated to CORE, oriented to the management of files with the EIAC standard. More information in the document Integración de la gestión CIMA.

Invoice query in decoupled front end. Continuing with the tasks of decoupling the front end of the application, after the full agenda, the login screen and the initial SISnet screen, it is the turn of the full invoice query.

SISnet Store now includes almost all Zero Code elements. It is now possible to manage configuration packages of all ZC elements in the SISnet Store, such as rules, BPMs, questionnaires, rate tables, etc.

Actualidad SISnet 13.3 version

March 2023

Multiple Claim Payments. This new functionality allows the generation of a payment for multiple concepts, as opposed to the previous situation, in which a payment only allowed one concept. Additionally, in the registration process, different taxes can be applied at payment concept level. More information in the document Pagos por concepto múltiple.

Printout of questionnaire information. As for the BPM processes, the functionality to generate a PDF for a questionnaire has been added, where the configuration of the questionnaire (questions, answers, rules and attributes) is collected in a structured way. This PDF is generated from the 'Print' action associated with each questionnaire.

Zero Code for commission calculation. A whole set of specific BOCs and BOAs has been developed oriented to the treatment of the different commission calculators (policy and receipts) through Zero Code rules.

Actualidad SISnet 13.2 version

February 2023

Release of version 3.2.0 of the decoupled front with the upgrade to Angular 15. SISnet's decoupled front updates to Angular version 15, which enables security improvements both in the framework itself and in the dependency packages used in the application.

Merge of commissions calculator at policy level. With this development, SISnet makes it possible to calculate underwriting commissions for the following elements: 'DataSwap', 'Quotation' (Negotiation), 'Policy' (Issue, changes and renewals), 'Policy cancellation' and 'Policy rehabilitation' unified in the DataSwap element (as it is the abstract element that represents any situation of a policy, including negotiation). With this you can have a single calculation system where rules can be reused between the different processes and have in a single calculation system the view of all cases. More information in the document Administración y liquidación de comisiones.

Added query and export in excel of the information of a technical note, its relations and sub-relations.. In order to visualise how products are defined, a functionality has been created to export, in a single excel file, all the information of an element of the Product Workshop, and its relations and sub-relations with other elements, distributed in several tabs. The information to be displayed can be configurable, as a node structure has been created that lets you parameterise it. More information in the document Consulta y exportación de información de productos.

Actualidad SISnet 13.1 version

January 2023

Ability to control the tariff date at the risk level. From this version onwards, the option of pricing each of the risks of the policy by an independent tariff date is allowed, instead of using the tariff date set in the policy for all of them. This configuration is activated per line of business, by means of a flag or tag in the line of business configuration xml. More information in the document Fechas de tarifa por riesgo.

Functionality to establish mappings of input structures in Interface Logic Workshop operations.The capability to create a mapping of specific input data in operations that receive a structure (PAYLOAD type) has been added. To do this, the sources of the different data required are selected and the input structure of the operation is selected as the destination. This results in a lighter and less overloaded object than currently generated. More information in the manual Taller de lógica de interfaz responsive.


Actualidad SISnet v 13 Special Issue

December 2022

SISnet releases version 13 with exciting new features that make it grow in vertical and horizontal functionality, technological capabilities and tools. This publication gathers the main headlines of the contents of version 13, and highlights the important milestones achieved during 2022.

Incorporation of BPMs and questionnaires in SISnet Store. SISnet Store is a configuration hub that contains packages of SISnet elements, in a SISnet Studio environment, from which to install them to be applied to a customization environment, as is or with the required adaptations. In the process of enriching this hub, which was released with version 12, BPM processes have been incorporated as a type of configuration package. Complete processes, which incorporate both the process and its activities as well as the questionnaires and associated rules (and rule systems) for its operation.

Integration con CIMA. CIMA is an open platform that guarantees EIAC connectivity between all insurance entities and the technological solutions of mediation in a more convenient and efficient way. It allows insurance companies, brokers and software providers, through the EIAC Standard language, to maintain an effective and efficient communication that facilitates their developments. With this integration, SISnet incorporates the advantages of belonging to the CIMA platform for companies and brokers, deepening the EIAC capabilities.

SISnet Internet Office, version 1. When we talk about 'internet office', we are referring to a specific portal oriented to the clients (policyholders) of a company, where they can consult their quotes and their policies and associated elements (receipts, claims, essential documentation), and perform basic operations on them. SISnet provides this specific portal, on decoupled front-end and API elements, fully functional and ready to use with minimal configuration. In this first phase it is oriented to individual and group policyholders, hosting only query elements.

Chip Card integration. Chip Card is a connectivity platform at the service of the healthcare sector to assist in the management of healthcare services offered by professionals through companies. SISnet already contains the integration with Chip Card's Virtual Health Terminal for the management of health benefits.

BPM process anomaly detector. Applying a machine learning technology, we have developed an element whose purpose is the detection of anomalies in the execution of BPM processes. It is a microservice that receives information from BPM processes to, based on a series of cases, train a predictive model that allows, in a productive environment, to know (on request or proactively) if the process is on the way to go wrong or has been executed erroneously.

Upgrade to Angular version 14 in Decoupled Front. 'SISnet's decoupled front end updates the version of Angular on which it is based to version 14, which allows security improvements both in the framework itself and in the dependency packages used in the application. With this update, Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported in the decoupled front end.

Version merger and version comparator for TLI2 templates. Working with TLI2 templates offers new methodological possibilities with the inclusion of the functionalities of merging templates and comparing versions. The template merger makes it possible to work from a base template in different developments (incident resolution, evolutionary, etc.) with several development teams simultaneously, and to include individually the changes made in the base template once each development is completed. The tool will automatically include the dependencies and validate the correct consistency of the integrity between elements at the time of merging the development. The version comparator and the activation of the template versioning enables the possibility of comparing the changes made (including date and user) between the latest version of the template and its previous versions. More information can be found in Responsive interface logic workshop manual.

Technical Basis Configuration Tree. The SISnet Technical Basis Workshop for Risk Life, built with a low / zero code orientation, has been enriched with the incorporation of a configuration tree, which replaces the mini-workshops when it comes to its management and maintenance. Through this element we approach a product configurator concept in a dashboard mode for use by a business user. Thus, it contains filters and viewing controls, positioning in the tree when making assignments, queries in the assignment and base type loads by category, etc.

Claims under Zero Code Paradigm. When we started working with the Zero Code Paradigm, the first area of development and application was the underwriting processes; shortly afterwards it was extended to the rest of the areas, with the claims area being one of the most extensive that we have had to deal with. In this version 13, the application of ZC elements in the opening and modification of claims, in the opening of contingencies and in the management of files has been completed. Likewise, the economic movements of the claim and the actions of refusal and closure of claims have been framed within the ZC paradigm.

API resource modeling in Claims. In the benefit area, through API resources, the opening and modification of Death and Auto claims, the pre-opening of Life and Accident contingencies, and the query of Death and Auto claims have been modeled. In subsequent minor versions, the opening, modification and query of Household claims will be incorporated.

Facilities for embedded insurance implementation. Embedded insurance is insurance that is linked to a product or service and offered to the consumer as an optional extra during the purchase process. They are usually linked to assistance, accident and travel insurance, and focus on the bundling of the offer, ease of contracting and maximum adaptation to the target customer. The evolution carried out in the Materials Workshop facilitates the parameterization of these products by providing additional configuration elements to be linked to the characteristics of the products or services in which they are embedded.

Actualidad SISnet 12.24 version

December 2022

New digital signature integration in core. In order to facilitate data loading operations regarding reinsurance contracts, a new functionality has been released to export and import reinsurance contracts in XML format. Either one by one or for a group of them. The export of contracts also includes the data of the companies associated with them, as well as consolidated contracts. More information in Reinsurance Manual.

Actualidad SISnet 12.23 version

November 2022

New digital signature integration in core. The first version of the SISnet SGAIM EISD module, which allows integration with the SGAIM digital signature system for documents, is now available and in future releases it will be enriched with complementary functionalities.
Vulnerability solved. After detecting the vulnerability of the Apache Commons Text dependency between versions 1.5. to 1.9., this dependency has been updated to version 1.10. in SISnet Core. In addition, the Commons Text dependency has been excluded in its affected versions, in those libraries where it appears as a transitive dependency. This update has been published in version 12.23.0 and has been extended to version 12.10. of SISnet Core.

Actualidad SISnet 12.22 version

November 2022

Management of requests for transfer of pension plans and insured pension plans. Moving forward in the Life Savings branch, INVERCO's Notebook 234 has been implemented for the processing of transfers, both to and from the origin and destination companies, using configurable BPM processes. More information in the manuals Transfer of pension plans (Notebook 234) and Configuration for pension plan transfers (Notebook 234).

Improvements in the 'Debug Zero Code' functionality.. New elements have been added such as the visualization of actions in execution of a thread, a section with Objects in space or the possibility of starting the ZC Debug by the user. More information in the Zero Code Rules Debug Manual.

Actualidad SISnet 12.21 version

October 2022

Improvements in reinsurance cessions. Several elements have been incorporated to optimize both the management and traceability of monthly assignments. a) The assignment (DPOLCESI) includes the job identifier and the closing date on which it is generated, as well as the settlement date, which will correspond to the closing date of the month in which each assignment is settled. b) In monthly assignment cancellations, FECHMOVI is changed to coincide with the date of the assignment being cancelled and to indicate the end of the period assigned.

New filter in the task diary. In addition to the existing filters for locating tasks, such as module, priority, due date or user, the task category has been added to the existing filters.

New Unit Linked fund movement management. From this version onwards, a direct relationship is established between the 'Contribution' type invoices and the movements generated in the underlying assets of the policy (surrenders and transfers).

Actualidad SISnet 12.20 version

October 2022

New options for exporting and importing Work Units. These new elements are intended to further facilitate the use of UDTs, allowing to export closed or promoted work units, one at a time or as a block (even with their dependencies) through JSON files, and then import these files into the selected destination. More information in the Work Units manual.

Actualidad SISnet 12.17 version

August 2022

New 'Debug Zero Code' functionality. In the line of reinforcing Zero Code tools, with this functionality the user will be able to debug from the configuration environment itself, visualizing the content of the executed ZC concepts and variables, the structures of the rules and even setting breakpoints in the rules, as a first approximation. More information in the document Debug of Zero Code rules.

Upgrade to Jasper Report version 6. If in version 12.11.0. the SISnet Jasper Report module was created to have this development individualized, with this second version of the module we incorporate the update to Jasper Report version 6. More information in the document Outsourcing Jasper Reports v2 Documentation.

Version comparator in TLI2 templates. In version 12.16.0. a new feature has been added that allows you to compare, in the same TLI2 template, the latest version (or working version) with any of the previous versions for that template, to see the differences between them. More information in the document Responsive Interface Logic Workshop.

Actualidad SISnet 12.15 version

July 2022

Incorporation of versioning in clauses. From this version onwards, it will be possible to modify the content of the clauses (title of the clause, description of the clause in different languages...) through a versioning model. Each version is marked by a version effective date, linked to which is the new content. By default, in existing installations, the first version will be created on 01/01/1900. More information in Clauses Manual.'

Actualidad SISnet 12.12 version

June 2022

Mutable risks in claims. We have extended the concept of mutable risks, already present in SISnet in other modules, to claims. Through them and in this way, we can generate structures in the form of dynamic tables to control different types of data that we wish to classify. All this can be done both at claim level and at file level.

Improvements in the technical bases workshop. This workshop has been redesigned to take it to a product configurator concept in dashboard mode for use by a business user. Thus, it contains filters and viewing controls, positioning in the tree when making assignments, queries in the assignment, base type loadings by category, etc.

Versioning of Interface Logic Workshop 2. The versioning functionality has been added to TLI templates, in order to be able to carry elements between versions, through XML import. It will also facilitate the fact that two people are working on the same template, since it is possible to see who has worked on which element. More information in the Responsive Interface Logic Workshop Manual.

SISnet sponsors the Latin American Insurance IT Executive Summit

June 2022

SISnet sponsored the Latin American Insurance IT Executive Summit in Florida (USA), an event aimed at insurance technology professionals in the Americas. Iván Rey García, Prosegur AVOS Business Development Manager, Alfonso Parrella, SISnet General Manager and Fernando Vásquez Toriello, SISnet LATAM Business Development Manager, participated in this meeting in which topics such as digital transformation, customer engagement or the impact of Data Analytics and AI to give value to data have been discussed. Different insurtechs participated in the event, generating a space for meeting and collaboration between insurance companies and the most digital ecosystem'.

For more information check Prosegur AVOS LinkedIn

Actualidad SISnet version 12.11

June 2022

Modularization of Jasper Report. The functionality of Jasper Reports has been modularized, as a prelude to the version upgrade in Jasper in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to include the dependency on the new SISnetJasperReports module in the custom project for PDF printing.

API query enhancements. In order to speed up the loading of the page within the API query (F10), the loading of the content tree has been modified to Ajax.

Optimization in third party self-billing. For third parties marked as 'Self Invoicing' the system will automatically generate the date and invoice number for automatic and manual payments. Likewise, once the payment is in 'Paid' status (JOBSEPA7A), there is a section in Payment Management called Self Invoicing, where the company will be able to consult the payment and download the corresponding invoice. Finally, these payments are marked as 'Self-billing payments' and, if they are related to an assignment, the assignment number is shown on the payment. More information in the related documentation 'Siniestros en SISnet' and 'Colaboradores y encargos de siniestros'.

Actualidad SISnet version 12.10

May 2022

Optimization of the query to obtain the processes to be processed by SKyNetBPMCluster. By improving the query that processes automatic activities, we have managed to reduce the database processing weight by three orders of magnitude. Thus, this query will take much less time and cost less to the database.

New amounts added to the main table of incoming collection documents. The detailed amounts (net premium, taxes, commission and withholding) of the collection document have been incorporated and can be consulted in the 'General data' tab, to be able to see them at a glance; generated from the collection document factory. More information can be found in the document 'Administracion de recibos'.

Actualidad SISnet 12.09 version

May 2022

GDPR treatment on health insurance cards of insured persons. The blocking of a customer's data has also been extended to the query of his health card data as an insured person, with asterisks appearing in the customer's identification data. In addition, the consultation of the customer's GDPR consent record has been modified to show remarks. More information in the document 'Marcas LOPD/GDPR'.

Interface Logic Workshop Improvements. TLI has undergone a redesign to introduce new visual, accessibility and usability concepts. Thus, there are now warnings in the recordings, more user assistance, etc.

Actualidad SISnet 12.08 version

April 2022

Improvements in the Global Agenda. Thanks to a new toolbar, it will be possible to perform actions on several tasks at the same time, such as changing the operator, changing the alert date and priority, as well as deleting selected tasks. More information is available in the document 'Agenda BPM'.

Assignment of claim letters at file level. From now on, it will be possible to use the letters designed for the claim at the file level, and not only at the level of the claim itself. In the generation of claim letters, when these are associated to a specific product, it will be possible to relate them to 1 or 'n' files if required. More information in 'Siniestros en SISnet'.

Documentation on data deletion in Reinsurance. A document has been produced providing the main queries for deleting data generated by the reinsurance processes (cessions and accounts), and how to use them. More information in the document 'Borrado de datos de reaseguro'.

Actualidad SISnet 12.06 version

March 2022

GDPR Brokers. GDPR treatment regarding brokers has been completed in SISnet, allowing manual and automated treatment for blocks and anonymization of data, through a BPM process. More information on 'SIS GDPR Mediadores'.

Third parties with several account numbers. Now a collaborator can have several account numbers available in his file, and be able to select one of them in the payment of the claim as payee. More information in the document 'Colaboradores y encargos de siniestros'.

Unification of temporary invoice and invoice commission calculators. Through the activation of an environment variable, it is established that the temporary invoice calculator will always be used, which is the main one as it is the one used in the issuance of invoices.

Actualidad SISnet 12.05 version

March 2022

Zero Code impulse in concepts. New concepts have been created to retrieve BOA arguments, concept arguments and concept parameters. This increases the capabilities of the elements in Zero Code for complex constructions.

Advances in annuity payments. We continue to work in the Life line of business, adding functionalities such as the process for the payment of annuities to one or several beneficiaries, calculation of the amount according to the percentage of the indemnity in the payment of the file to the beneficiary, and calculation of the reserve when a payment is made in a death contingency and the recipient is the beneficiary.

Actualidad SISnet 12.03 version

February 2022

Improvements in the chaining of actions for the Interface Logic Workshop.. The possibility of executing callbacks in case of success or error in operations based on a condition has been incorporated. In this way, we can have multiple callbacks that will be executed only if the condition associated with each one is met. More information in the document 'Taller de lógica de interfaz responsive'.

Improved dependency management for the decoupled front end. Core module dependencies are now automatically managed by the core itself and no longer need to be included in custom descriptors. This facilitates the management by the client, since now it is only necessary to manage the dependencies of the decoupled front core: core, framework base. The nomenclature of the core modules has also been modified, adapting them to the standard, going from sisnet-core, sisnet-framework and sisnet-base to @sisnet/core, @sisnet/framework and @sisnet/base. More information in the document 'Taller de lógica de interfaz responsive'.

Improved mini-workshop functionalities. The SITREXIM expert system has been created to control the import, export and removal of the configuration of mini-workshop nodes on a massive scale.

Alfonso Parrella, General Manager of SISnet, participates in the observatory 'Renovation of the insurance core and its impact on digital transformation', organized by El Economista

February 2022

elEconomista, in collaboration with Prosegur, organized an informative meeting with the aim of addressing the challenges of the transformation of the insurance industry. Among others, Ángel de León, General Manager of Prosegur AVOS, and Alfonso Parrella, General Manager of SISnet, participated in the meeting, which highlighted that what is clear is that insurance companies 'are in a very important process of change in which they have decided to change their software, towards an industrialized core, which will lead them to make the change that insurers need'.

Access to the whole report at El Economista

Actualidad SISnet 12.02 version

January 2022

Added new type of underlying object CONTINGENCY in BPM processes. From this version on, it is possible to reference BPM processes to the Contingency business object, covering the different business elements of the world of SISnet Services.

Improvements in Materials Workshop. The Materials Workshop grows with the addition of the action of exporting/importing the structures in case there is a structure defined for the selected business activity, as well as the necessary validations in such import.

Environmental SIR. As part of the integration with the SIR, a new process has been added for the declaration of the Environmental Damage Compensation Fund of the Insurance Compensation Consortium, and the current tables have been adapted to include Environmental CR. More information in the document 'Procesos SIR'.

Presentation of SISnet version 12

January 2022

Moises Piñeiro, SISnet Head of Architecture, and Gustavo González Hernán, Senior Business & Solutions Consulting Manager at Atmira, introduced the new features of SISnet version 12 together with the technology managers of the main insurance companies and members of the WOLF Community.

Among other factors, they highlighted the commitment to collaborative and co-creation ecosystems where collaboration between manufacturers, partners and customers is a priority, in order to evolve towards simplicity and functionality.

For more information check Atmira's page in LinkedIn


Actualidad SISnet Version 12

December 2021

SISnet v.12 is here! In this publication, we have collected the main headlines of the elements that make it up and its main axes. Functionally, it revolves around the Life Savings and Health business lines. Technologically, it pivots on the new SISnet Store platform.


SISnet Store. Repository service for setup elements in a SISnet environment, from where to download these parts to apply them to a customization environment. In this first version, (Preview), only business rules packages will be available

Removal of support for Tomcat 7. This version of Tomcat had already been discontinued by the Apache development group, so it can be considered an unsafe version.

Undertow Package. From this version of SISnet an additional module SISnetUndertow is available that allows its use to deploy our REST API.

Functional: Life Savings

Redesign of existing structures for their optimization. The elements of units of account, contribution plan and fund management have been improved. BOCs and BOAs have also been incorporated to deal with contribution invoices in new production and supplements in Unit Linked.

strong>Parameterization systems for inheritance in Product Workshops. Specific parameterization systems have been implemented to deal with feature inheritance in the Product Workshop.

Health Claims

New billing system for healthcare professionals. Implementation of a self-billing system after the provision of medical acts or health services to the insured.

Redesign of the Authorizing Center. New Authorization Portal, through which authorization systems have been implemented through BPM processes divided into typologies.

Redesign of the medical chart. Data on medical professionals have been strengthened, differentiating their management from that of health care professionals.

'Zerocoding' of health claims. Incorporation of Zero Code elements for the management of healthcare services.

Chipcard Blue List Integration. Integration through web service that resolves the registration of health cards issued by the insurance company to Chip Card.


Consolidación de la generación del Fichero de Agentes Exclusivos en el formato XML de la DGS. This system will be able to generate documents to report registrations, modifications, cancellations and rehabilitations automatically, and with multi-company processing.

Extraction of the DEC report for Mediators. Implementation of 'Model 2.2. Brokered insurance / reinsurance portfolio', which involves the extraction and supply of data from the DECs to the DGSFP for insurance brokers, for the Non-Life lines.

Product Workshop

Ampliación de las estructuras del Taller de Materiales. Allows to extend the definition of each material element, when it is necessary to store lists of data.

Cross-reference search engine. It is a tool that enables the search through all the Zero Code elements of the application (BOAs, BOSs, BOCs...).

Parameterization inheritance display command. It avoids the need to 'browse' through all levels of the Product Workshop to find the applicable value at a given level.


Virtual factory of dossiers adapted to Zero Code. Claims module has been prepared to work in Zero Code, implementing sets of BOAs, BOCs and BOSs related to claims, records, payments, etc.

Optimizations in partners. The following improvements have been implemented: the possibility of transferring orders between partners, from the partner itself; tools for importing and exporting a partner's areas of influence and elimination of partner services.

BPM Processes

Adding approval structures to the activity object. Rule evaluation and authorization capabilities have been added to BPM processes, making it possible to associate rules pending authorization to a BPM process instance.

Improved printing of BPM processes. Expansion and arrangement of the information included in the PDF document intended for printing the BPM process template.


Predictive concepts. With these concepts, SISnet incorporates a system for importing predictive models using the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML).

Consolidation of V6 of the EIAC standard. SISnet already incorporates the development to adapt to this new version, being the EIAC module independent from the Core project to facilitate the adaptation to version 6, since it does not generate dependencies with version 5.

Actualidad SISnet 15

December 2021

Control of dates in the registration of manual entries in broker's account. In the node of the manual concepts on the broker's account, a field 'Future days allowed' has been incorporated to parameterize whether or not future entries are allowed. By default, this field will be set to zero in the CFG.

Statistical Accounting Documentation for Non-Life line. The 'Model 2.2. Brokered insurance / reinsurance portfolio' has been implemented, which involves the extraction and supply of DEC data to the DGSFP for insurance brokers.

Actualidad SISnet 14

November 2021

Funcitech view in Zero Code rule. Within the 'Activities' tab of a Zero Code rule, the 'Funcitech' action has been incorporated, which makes it easier to consult data, requirements and arguments of the different activities that make up the rule. More information in the document 'Definition of rule with ZC parameterization'.

Visibility filters and Zero Code. New BOCs and BOAs have been created to invoke customer visibility filters from Zero Code.

New policy annotation action. The action of creating an annotation (or closed task) to the policy has been incorporated in the policy query, without the need to generate a task as such. More information in 'Policy changes' documentation.

Advances in Work Units. We keep on improving Work Units, where we have added the possibility to undo the changes registered in a given Work unit in order not to incorporate them into the ALM cycle. More information in the 'Work Units' documentation.

Actualidad SISnet 13

October 2021

Zero Code impulse in the treatment of contingencies. The contingencies for the processing of lLife benefits have been equipped with numerous Zero Code elements (BOAs and BOCs), which expands the catalog of parts in SISnet.

Exclusive agent export to DGS. Several improvements have been incorporated in the treatment of multicompany for the export of exclusive agents for the DGS.

Work units and conflict resolution. Continuing with the line of work in the UDTs, a set of improvements has been incorporated for the treatment of conflicts, which facilitates and improves their use.

Actualidad SISnet 12

September 2021

New EIAC version 6. The EIAC standard launches new version 6, which will be coexisting with the previous version until March 2022. In SISnet, the development to adapt to this new version is already available (remember that the EIAC module became independent of the Core from version 11.17.0. to facilitate this adaptation). More information in the 'EIAC Manual'.

Generation of the file of Exclusive Agents to the DGS. SISnet incorporates the service for the communication by the insurance companies of their list of Exclusive Agents to the DGS, extracted from the Commercial Master of the system. This system will make possible the generation of documents to report registrations, modifications, cancellations and rehabilitations automatically. More information in the document 'Management of submissions to DGS'.

Zero Code SISnet paradigm

September 2021

Moises Piñeiro, SISnet Architecture manager, explains in the following video of Insights from Prosegur AVOS what is Zero Code and what are its main advantages.

Zero Code is the new paradigm of software implementation that brings technology closer to the business users so that they can shape the product directly in the system.

For more information, please check SISnet news on LinkedIn SISnet

Actualidad SISnet 11

September 2021

GDPR blocking in claims and contingencies. The possibility of manually blocking recorded and closed claims and contingencies has been incorporated, similar to the LOPD blocking of clients and policies, associated to a specific privilege. More information in the document SIS Marcas LOPD/GDPR.

Amounts at risk and coverage level in the Accounting Journal. A new development has been added to the Accounting Journal, which consists of allowing the calculation of amounts at risk and coverage level, which can be activated through the product XML with the tag 'SWDCONRIES'. The data obtained will be stored in the DCONRIGA table.

Actualidad SISnet 10

August 2021

Versioning of working units. From now on, work units can be versioned; this allows the development of a work unit to be divided into phases, by being able to generate new versions of work units that have already been closed or promoted. This increases the control and management of new settings, in addition to the usability improvements added to the work units released in recent weeks.

Temporary invoice calculator. The CalculadoraDComisionesReciboTemporal is prepared to be run with an invoice already created instead of using the CalculadoraDComisionesRecibo for special cases of incident management. It may happen that, when recalculating the commissions of an invoice (CalculadoraDComisionesRecibo), information generated when calculating the commissions in the issuance of the invoice is needed (CalculadoraDComisionesReciboTemporal); in this case if, due to an error, the commissions were not generated when the invoice was issued, the recalculation method would not be valid and to recover the commissions not generated we would have to use the CalculadoraDComisionesReciboTemporal using the invoice already issued.

Polysemic privileges in identities. The user identity system has the ability to make use of polysemic privileges. The activation of this change is automatic and already provides the identity with all the user capabilities that it did not already have.

Actualidad SISnet 09

July 2021

Advanced filtering in decoupled front-end. New capabilities that enhance the TLI2 Workshop that allow a field to be displayed or not and for it to be editable, but incorporating a combination of more data.

Work units. The functionality of conflict warnings in Work units has been extended to all the elements contained in them.

Improvements in policy cancellation request. The functionality of the policy cancellation request has been extended to include a validation system for the cancellation request, the attachment of a document to it, and its elimination in the request query.

New Zero Code elements for Life Savings. BOCs and BOAs have been incorporated to address contribution invoices in supplements and policy reductions in Unit Linked.

Actualidad SISnet 08

June 2021

SISnet Agenda decoupling phase 3. Continuing with the work of uncoupling the agenda, it is now the turn of the 'Processes' tab of the Operator's Agenda, after the lists of tasks and dialogs.

Export and import of roles-privileges matrix. In role maintenance it is possible to export and import the role-privilege matrix, by means of a .csv file, and as a replacement for the MANPRIRO and MAPRROIN tools. More information in 'Security Management Manual'.

Modification of reserves in benefit payments. The securitized action 'Modify reserves' has been incorporated in the Amounts step when a claim payment is made, to ease the finalization of the payment.

Deductible and co-payment type invoices at the head of the policy. Through parameterization, it will be possible to display the deductible and co-payment receipts by line of business, together with the premium and outlay invoices, in the policy and invoices query headers.

Actualidad SISnet 07

June 2021

New functionality in claims 'Sensitive claims'. A new functionality has been incorporated in claims, that enables controlling access to a specific claim by cataloging it as sensitive. In this way, access, and therefore its processing, to this type of claim will only be possible for those users-processors determined by the insurance company.

New configuration possibilities in EIAC. A change has been introduced in the process configuration for the Exchange Standard for Insurance Brokers, which allows you to indicate that certain optional fields are not sent in the interface.

Inclusion of proactive conflict notification in work unit management. This means that, if a user wants to work on a configuration item from the work unit, he will obtain a notification from the system if that item has been modified by another user in a different work unit, without preventing him from being able to work on it. More information in the document 'Work units'.

Actualidad SISnet 06

May 2021

Versioning and role typology in Security management. The role incorporates a new typology called 'profile', through which the authorization level applicable to the user can be defined. In addition, it will be the version of the role, with dates of effect, which will contain the definition of privileges, functional description and authorization level. Complete information in 'Security Management Manual'.

Improvements in mediator closure query. Now the screen will only show the commissioned settlement types (means of payment), and not all the possible ones, even when the company did not use them. It has also been facilitated the configuration of new settlement types in this closure, and the different 'reports' that can be acceded from this query have been reviewed and improved.

Optimization of SIR elements through new JOBPRSIR process. To improve the performance of SIR loading process, a new job has been developed to replace JOBINSIR, named JOBPRSIR, with a single concurrent iteration at history level, among other new features. More information in 'SIR Processes' documentation.

Zero Code treatment in claims payments. Incorporation of new BOCs and BOAs in the core for processing benefit payments, thus increasing the catalog of elements available in Zero Code SISnet.

Actualidad SISnet 05

May 2021

'Dialogs' view in decoupled Agenda. Following the work on the Operator's Agenda in version 11.4.0, the'Dialogs' tab is now available in the decoupled Operator's Agenda. Here, the dialog query has been oriented to a very agile format.

New objects included in the marking functionality. New objects have been added to the mark functionality: claim, file and third party. A mark is an attribute applied to an object, indicating some kind of special treatment to be applied to it, and which must be taken into account in certain business processes. Marks act through business rules associated with these processes. More information in the document 'Customer Marks'.

New search criteria for policies. The policy search engine has incorporated a new search criteria: the location, through the document number, of other parties to the contract apart from the policyholder (insured, drivers, owners, etc.), and with the exception of the named beneficiaries.

Zero Code treatment on Life Savings products. New BOCs and BOAs have been incorporated into the core for the processing of contribution movements in Life Savings products, thus increasing the catalog of elements available in Zero Code SISnet.

Actualidad SISnet 04

April 2021

Rule Groups and Competencies. Development aimed at grouping rules into groups, sub-competencies and competencies, in order to be able to process rule authorizations based on the user profile instead of the authorization level. More information in the document 'Rule Groups and Competencies'.

Orders in third parties query. The third party query is available in the Third party Management, where a new function has been implemented to display the number of closed orders per year and their details. More information in the document 'Third parties and claims orders'.

Actualidad SISnet 03

April 2021

New API with operations for consulting agreements. This new API allows to expose the elements of the collective agreements workshop (what structures the 'Agreements Database') to apply in the search for collective agreements.

Treatment of forgiven invoices in policy cancellations. There are two methods of calculating the amount to be generated in the cancellation of the policy: the first one calculates upon the collected invoices and their dates against the date of cancellation, and the second one based on the amount of the policy up to the date of cancellation, subtracting what has already been collected. With this development we incorporate the treatment of the forgiven invoices in this second method in such a way that, at the time of calculating the amount to be paid, any invoice/expense that has been forgiven (half payment CPYG) will not be considered to have been collected. More information in the document 'Policy Changes'.

New reports about orders. To the already existing order reports we have added two new ones: report by third party and by order status and report by third party typology and order status.

Miniworkshops for garnishment layout. Incorporated in Core the garnishment mini-workshop to facilitate the necessary configurations, such as SMI and escalation brackets, reasons for garnishment, garnishing entities and garnishable figures in receivers of claims, among others.

Actualidad SISnet 02

March 2021

Improved Policy Issuance BOA. Possibility of issuing invoices for Life Savings products in the BOA of policy issuance; this BOA did not have this possibility before, because it was always done after the fact.

Updated tax models. The tax models regarding Personal Income Tax withholding (111, 128, 198 and 190) have been updated to include the treatment of garnishments in Claims mentioned previously. More information in Tax model 111 and Tax model 128 documentation.

Garnishments in Claims. SISnet's Garnishments functionality has been completed to include the interception of garnishments centrally registered on payments to partners or third parties, and on payments to claim recipients. More information in the document 'Garnishments and Payment Blocking'.

New 'Claims' tab in Collective query. A new 'Claims' tab has been added to the query of a collective (master policy), through which the list of all open and closed claims associated with the policies of a collective is loaded and through which list each claim may be managed. Through parameterization it is possible to configure how many claims to show regarding opening date.

Actualidad SISnet 01

March 2021

Cross references (11.4.0. version). Development-oriented tool that allows searching through the set of Zero Code elements of the application, using conjunctions and concepts. For example, in which BPM process is the Zero Code X concept used? More information in the document 'Cross-reference tool'.

Improvements in the claim payment management search engines (11.4.0. version). The various search engines for the economic movements of claims and the associated search criteria have been expanded. In particular, we have optimized the payment search engine, and added the commercial payment search engine and the recovery search engine to Core. All this has been made with the aim of increasing efficiency in the different operations present in claims. In addition, it is possible to access the searches performed by these search engines to external productivity tools by allowing the download, in a .csv file format, of the aforementioned searches. More information in the document 'Claims in SISnet'.

Uncoupling of SISnet Agenda (11.4.0.version). One of the most important needs in decouplinguncouples, after the main underwriting processes, was in SISnet Agenda. In version 11.4.0. the first part of uncoupling Agenda has been performed, focused on the Operator's agenda with all of its functionalities.

Tax models (11.5.0. version). SISnet incorporates the option of generating, from the information contained in the tool, the AEAT tax forms related to withholdings (111 and 190, 128 and 188) and the Insurance Policy Tax (IPS), forms 430 and 480. A core mini-workshop has also been incorporated to facilitate their configuration. More information in the documents 'Tax model 111', 'Tax model 128', 'Tax model 188', 'Tax model 190' and 'Tax models 430 and 480 (IPS)'.

Zero Code SISnet paradigm

September 2021

Moises Piñeiro, SISnet Architecture manager, explains in the following video of Insights from Prosegur AVOS what is Zero Code and what are its main advantages.

Zero Code is the new paradigm of software implementation that brings technology closer to the business users so that they can shape the product directly in the system.

For more information, please check SISnet news on LinkedIn SISnet


everis chosen as exclusive gold partner of the SISnet certified integrator network

June 2020

After being recently acquired by the Prosegur Avos Group, SISnet launches a partner loyalty program that aims to create a network of certified technology integrators to implement SISnet Insurance solutions, of which everis is a preferential member and the only one, for the moment, to hold the category of Gold partner.

everis has been selected by SISnet as a Gold partner for its international dimension and high turnover, especially in the insurance sector, where it has two thousand professionals dedicated to the digital transformation of companies.

Alfonso Parrella, general manager of SISnet, states that 'With this alliance,Netijam, software engineering specialized in the insurance sector that commercializes SISnet Insurance solution, accesses a group of potential clients both nationally and internationally. At the same time, this provides SISnet Insurance to a group of highly qualified professionals with continuous training on the current version and the next versions to come in the future'.

For more information, please visit everis website

Alfonso Parrella, SISnet CEO, participates in the webinar 'Insurers and fraud in times of crisis'

May 2020

Hosted by FRISS, the webinar 'Insurers and fraud in times of crisis' was attended by Alfonso Parrella along with other prestigious experts such as Jaime Silvela (Equifax), Galo Mancheno (Sweaden) and Iván Ballón (FRISS). In their intervention, the panelists analyzed the impact of crises such as the Covid 19 on the past, present and future of the insurance business.

Regarding the past, Parrella said that small companies had adapted by changing their core technology to achieve greater process automation, to manage more business (more insurance lines) and to have tools to work with their customers. Large companies, however, with an obsolete core technology bet on integrating new tools to improve interaction with customers, suppliers and databases that provide indicators of loyalty and fraud detection.

About the present, the CEO of SISnet believes that, during this crisis, ensuring the service to customers and providing sales by means which allow the distance between people is the key to give continuity to the business: the incorporation and adaptation of new technologies in business processes will allow companies to know their customers, higher rate of digitization and risk control, both from the point of view of performance and fraud.

Finally, and thinking about the future, Alfonso Parrella predicts that there will be a change of paradigm in the construction of business processes, where the different areas build their processes through parameterization systems instead of programmatic systems. The crisis will provide insurance companies with an additional motivation to face new needs, both from a commercial and operational point of view. However, it is a twist that will cause some companies to fall by the wayside.

If you wish to listen to the webinar again, you can do so by clicking on this link FRISS webinar

SISnet and FRISS join forces to fight fraud through AI

May 2020

FRISS and SISnet have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to fight insurance fraud in Spain. The alliance contemplates the integration of SISnet insurer's core with FRISS' fraud detection products, as well as the collaboration of both companies in the innovation of new models of Artificial Intelligence (AI).Inese Future

Can insurance companies build business processes digitally?

April 2020

This is only possible by changing the native programming to Zero Code. From a software perspective and over the past forty years, insurance industry technology has been based basically on native programming. It's time for a change! Check the following link to view the comparative representation diagram Zero Code vs. native programming

Our CEO, Alfonso Parrella, has published this article in Linkedin. Linkedin

Mapfre Assistance. Implementation of SISnet engine 100% Zero Code

March 2020

Mapfre Assistance has implemented for their assistance insurance line our solution SISnet Engine for pricing. The project has been carried out 100% on SISnet's Zero Code technology, which has already been implemented in other insurance companies to accelerate and support their digital transformations, as well as Liquid IT and Liquid Business strategies.

SISnet Engine is also developing solutions for the cloud aggregator channel and provides optimization mathematical solutions and the execution of machine learning models in the latest versions of SISnet insurance core.

The initial implementation is done for InsureandGO UK, which has locations in the UK, Australia and Ireland. Mapfre Assistance is located in those and other 34 countries all over the world.


Integration of SISnet into PROSEGUR AVOS group

December 2019

SISnet becomes part of the Prosegur AVOS group of companies (belonging to the Prosegur Group) which is specifically dedicated to technology and outsourced services for financial and insurance sectors. Prosegur Group is a multinational, a global leader in its business sectors, with its main office in Spain and presence in 26 countries; it is listed on Madrid and Barcelona stock exchanges, with a market capitalization of around 2,200 million euros.

After this agreement, SISnet will continue to be led by its current management team, maintaining full continuity in its corporate and management structure. The services that have been provided until now will continue to be carried out with the same structure and the same interlocutors. This integration does not imply any alteration concerning any of the conditions under which SISnet has been providing its services.

The core of SISnet Insurance has just published version 10

December 2019

The main new features include:

Tebchological updates. Dependencies and compatibilities Compatibility with Spark and Scala.
Removal of the dependencies with the jdbc drivers of the different database engines.
Update of JAVA dependency from 7 to 8 version.

ZERO-CODE. New concepts. Generation of new increased and extra premium concepts at policy quotation level. Additionally, a new concept for the cost of the claim.

External systems integrations. New in SISnet is the capability of adding new managers and operators from external systems.

Commissions in SISnet. Commissions earned. Now the commissions earned details are shown in the policy, as is the chance to check, in greater detail, these commissions in the invoice.

New garnishment functionality. Garnishment in mediators. Added the functionality of garnishments in mediators and the message of seized mediator in the effective account.

Claims. Payments in claims. Completed with new requirements the action of retrocession of claims payments when those are in paid status and have been issued.

News in SISnet connectivity. Multiple database connections. Added the possibility to parameterize multiple connections to external databases.

Successful completion of the first edition of the SISnet Continuous Training Plan

September 2019

Held between the months of January and July 2019, the first edition of the new plan of Continuous Training in SISnet has achieved the certification of about 50 people, both clients and partners.

This new planning enables the incorporation of more students to SISnet training through a system of credits and the division of contents into independent modules.

There are several modules which, combined, allow to achieve a SISnet Certification diploma in five different strands: SISnet Architect, SISnet Consultant, SISnet Professional, SISnet Front and SISnet Expert (which brings together all of the above).

In order to do so, a specific number of credits must be taken, which, in any profile, implies firstly attending to 45 common credits that make up the SISnet Tools module and its practices. This module is taught in a cyclical way each quarter so that at least 100 people can be certified each year in SISnet, in their different profiles. The rest of the modules are offered according to the positions demanded with less frequency than the main module of Tools. New online rate calculators and customer area

July 2019

Within the insurance digitalization strategy and, specifically, applied to Pelayo's web environment ( SISnet has developed, using responsive design, the private area of clients for the consultation of their policies, invoices and claims, in addition to cars and home insurance branches rate calculators. All this was achieved using the new SISnet interface logic workshop with decoupled technology and in connection with the rest of SISnet Insurance modules.

Adaptation of SISnet Insurance to Brexit

April 2019

In order to adapt to Brexit, several of our clients have adjusted their offer to this eventuality with the creation of new companies. In this way, it is possible to unify the original company and the new one created as a result of Brexit by means of an automatic supplement to its entire portfolio [PART VII]. SISnet Insurance proves its flexibility in the creation and unification of insurance companies.

Microservices in SISnet Insurance

March 2019

In order to expose different services and functionalities of SISnet application and to move forward in the development of our SOA architecture, a whole set of microservices has been generated to enable the exposure of these elements for different purposes, such as the decoupling of the presentation layer. This reinforces the 'apification' of services in SISnet Insurance allowing, among other goals, the reduction of time to market in the adoption of new technologies and insurance services.

SISnet participates in the Insurance Challenges 2019 event

March 2019

Alfonso Parrella, SISnet CEO, participated in the Digital Ecosystem panel within the seventh edition of the IWC (#InsuranceChallenges19), held on March 14 and focused on the insurance digital ecosystem, IOT, digital transformation and disruption in distribution.

During his speech, Alfonso Parrella commented that 'our partner ecosystem is based on sharing our knowledge and achieving the necessary talent within our organization and, at the same time, in that of our collaborators. Our challenges are to transform the way of thinking of the people involved in the processes. We have to think digitally and move quickly and agile'.

For the first time, Netijam is sponsoring such an event, which brought together more than 460 people related to the world of insurance and more than 25 insurtechs with great innovations in business models.

Event summary: Insurance World Challenges 2019


Article about SISnet in the blog of our partner atmira

September 2018

atmira defines SISnet360 as the Delorean for the Insurance core, as an answer to the demands of the digital revolution affecting the insurance sector. The article can be read in the following link:

Back to the future II: SISnet360, the Delorean for the Insurance core

New version of SISnet Insurance core v9.0.1. From Low code to Zero code

September 2018

As a result of our constant technological and functional evolution, we present the launch of the new SISnet Insurance v9.0.1 core. Its main features are:
- Adoption of Low code and Zero code models, allowing, in SISnet tools, the construction of business processes through configuration systems, using concepts and actions predefined in the system.
- Orientation to the concept: intersection between object and data, providing its presentation in the BPM Processes Workshop, Interface Logic Workshop and Rules Engine.
- Coinsurance management.
- Reinsurance advanced model.
- Renewed product workshop.
- Renewed 360º view of the claim.
- Activity object as process grouper.
- Production advanced model.
- Claim system for health business line.
- Invoice issuance model.
- Life-Savings business line.
- Polysemic security privileges.
- Business domains management.
- Social login.
- Solvency II new version (1.1).
- Support for IDD (Insurance Distribution Guideline) implementation.

UMAS launches multi-risk business line

June 2018

UMAS, the reference mutual insurance company for religious and solidarity, has launched multi-risk business line (parochial scheme) supported by SISnet. By doing so, this line is managed comprehensively through our platform, including underwriting, administration and claims modules.

SISnet participates in the radio show 'Todos seguros' at Capital Radio

May 2018

Alfonso Parrella and Agustín Poyatos, SISnet CEO and general manager, have attended Capital Radio show 'Todos Seguros' in a talk about digital transformation in the insurance market, in which also participated Pedro Jiménez and Jesús Coca, from Atos, and Emmanuel Djengue, from Inese Seguros. Below you can listen to the podcast of the program:

Capital Radio

Atos and SISnet establish an strategic alliance to lead the digital transformation of insurance companies in Spain

May 2018

Atos, a leader in digital transformation, and SISnet, the most successful multi-branch insurance core in the Spanish market, have signed an strategic alliance aimed at leading the digital transformation of insurance companies in Spain.

The agreement involves the technological exchange and collaboration in R&D between the two companies and a training, certification and reinforcement program for the human teams of the Centre of Excellence in Digital Transformation of Insurance Cores of Atos, located in Madrid and Tenerife which, at the end of this year, will have 145 professionals specialized in this sector, 115 of whom will be certified in SISnet.

Some of the reviews about the agreement can be found below:

Computing (03/05/2018)

Atos (03/05/2018)

El candelero tecnológico (03/05/2018)

Economía de hoy (03/05/2018)

PELAYO. Implementation in multi-risk. Home

April 2018

PELAYO Mutua de Seguros has put into production the home business line supported on SISnet Insurance solution. This implementation includes all its distribution channels.

OCASO S.A. Implementation of the invoice administration module

March 2018

OCASO S.A. Cia. de Seguros y Reaseguros, as part of the company's plan to implement SISnet Insurance, has implemented the invoice administration module for the branches already managed through our platform.

OCASO S.A. Implementation of retail business line

February 2018

OCASO S.A. Cia. de Seguros y Reaseguros has put into production, for all its channels, the underwriting and administration processes for the retail business line, fully supported by our solution SISnet Insurance.

OCASO S.A. Access to SISnet Insurance through social login

December 2017

OCASO S.A. Cia. de Seguros y Reaseguros has implemented the social login in our solution SISnet Insurance. This enables the log into the platform using the user and passwords of different social networks (Facebook, Linkedin and Google +) and makes it possible to store the public data that each social network hands over in the platform.


Axpe Consulting and Netijam have signed a collaboration agreement for the implementation of the SISnet platform in Mexico and Spain

September 2017

Axpe Consulting has selected SISnet as its core insurer of reference in the insurance field. Regarding this, a training plan for 30 professionals in the different roles of the SISnet platform will be carried out in a first stage.

In addition, cross-sectional synergies between SISnet Platform and Axpe Consulting's BPO Business Unit will be promoted to develop 'Full BPO for Insurance' projects, supported by Netijam's SISnet platform.

Furthermore, and as part of the strategic plan that both firms have to expand their areas of activity in Latin America, the first franchise of the SISnet Platform will be developed in Mexico. This new partnership model will be a step forward in SISnet's collaboration strategy in Spain and other countries.

Below are some media reviews of the agreement:

Grupo Aseguranza (21/09/2017)

INESE (21/09/2017)

MDC underwriting agency. Deployment of SISnet Distribution in liability, accidents and automobiles

September 2017

MDC, Mutual de Conductors underwriting agency, has implemented three new lines of business in SISnet Distribution: liability, accidents for events and festivities, and the extension of damages for land vehicles, both individually and for fleets. The coverage of these new business lines is provided by the German company Hübener, a specialist in extraordinary risks.

SISnet Insurance. Support for Immediate Supply of VAT Information (SII) of the AEAT

July 2017

Within the SISnet Insurance solution, we have configured a new taxation module that includes the entry of invoices, received as well as those issued, and their communication to the AEAT, with their corresponding error management and individualized administration of each invoice. This module provides support to the legal requirement that Spanish insurers must comply regarding the management of their invoices.

Pelayo. Implementation of customer tab

July 2017

Pelayo has proceeded to the implementation of the master of clients and its corresponding tab containing 360º Client view. In this way, the mutual has a 100% operative and integrated file with all its applications, both SISnet and non-SISnet. To this end, its application map has been designed and the corresponding performance tests have been completed.

SISnet Studio. Release of final version

May 2017

Thanks to several adaptations made with our clients and their invaluable help during beta version of SISnet Studio, we have launched its first version. Thereby, SISnet Studio enables an easier and more intuitive promotion between the different client environments and offers the possibility of bundling the configuration, thanks to the new capacity of work units implemented. At the same time, it can be used as development tool for insurance processes, business rules, webservices and other elements.

Implementation of a new SISnet module in Markel España

April 2017

Markel International España, within the plan of the implementation of SISnet Insurance in all their business areas, has launched the invoices management module for the lines that are currently managed through SISnet.

1st edition of SISnet Users Club, in cooperation with IECISA

January 2017

The first edition of SISnet User Club , SISnet Club, took place on 26 January, whose mission is to keep our customers informed about the evolution and new features of SISnet.
At the event, which was attended by the CIOs of nearly 30 insurance companies and insurance brokers, SISnet presented SISnetClub, where personalized cards were held to the club members (our clients), and the purpose of these regular meetings was explained. Subsequently, SISnet v8 novelties were explained and SISnet roadmap for the future.
Following these presentations, another by Iecisa took place about the Teneo project, a digital transformation project that allows the improvement of the companies' business management processes, through the implementation of a market technology platform.
Finally, the SISnet forum was held, between SISnet and its clients, where experiences were exchanged and the roadmap and v8 novelties were reviewed.
Below are some media reviews of the event:
ADN del Seguro (06/02/2017)
INESE (03/02/2017)
El Mundo Financiero (03/02/2017)
Computing España (03/02/2017)
Economía de Hoy (03/02/2017)


Mutua de Propietarios. Implementation of SISnet Claims for community insurance

December 2016

Mutua de propietarios, one of the oldest insurance companies in Spain (1835), has implemented SISnet Claims version 8. The implementation has been made on their community insurance product, in which Mutua has a leading position. In this way, SISnet Claims helps maintaining this position, enabling the whole management of claims associated with community insurance.

ARAG. Put into production of travel assistance insurance

November 2016

ARAG Spain, belonging to ARAG Group, insurance group which operates in 17 countries and specialized in legal defence insurance, has put into production travel assistance line supported on SISnet Insurance. As a major novelty, it provides a multiproduct structure, which enables contracting several business line under one policy. In the implementation carried out, both broker channel and the interconnection with the corporate website of brokers are covered (ARAG Spain and ARAG Online).

IMQ. Put into production of burial insurance

October 2016

IMQ, insurance business group and provider of health services, which is establishing an strategy to address different insurance branches, has put into production burial insurance, supported entirely on our solution SISnet Insurance (from quotation and issuance of policies to claim benefits). This put into production provides broker channel and commercializes several modalities such as renewable, level and single premiums.

SISnet Insurance working with Microsoft Azure

July 2016

We take SISnet Insurance to the scale and agility of the cloud through Microsoft Azure, Microsoft cloud computing platform at enterprise-level. Thus, SISnet Insurance will run in the cloud to deliver business and technology services, providing access to a catalogue of standardized services and, though them, fulfilling the needs of the insurance business in a flexible and adaptive way. This enables SISnet Insurance service with the certainty that any need for scalability, flexibility and compliance, is covered.

SISnet in Contact Center magazine with ASISA

June 2016

SISnet, through its client ASISA has been mentioned in Contact Center Magazine, specializing in technology and contact centers market. Among the benefits of SISnet, ASISA highlights that SISnet "provides a multi-country, multi-language and time-to-market strategy, with a total customer view". Thus, thanks to our clients referral, SISnet is clearly positioned as Client CRM software also for contact centers.

Download news (PDF 2482KB).

News: ASISA: Quality, innovation and care are key pillars of ASISA model

Healthcare insurance for ASISA Portugal

March 2016

ASISA, Spanish health insurance company, has deployed ASISA Portugal to manage health assistance in this country. This way, the Spanish company strengthens its presence in Portugal for direct and broker channel through SISnet Insurance, and reinforces its confidence in our product, which already manages individual and collective life insurance products in Spain.


ASISA. Life insurance deployment

December 2015

ASISA, one of the leading health insurance private companies in Spain, has implemented individual and life insurance supported by SISnet Insurance. This deployment includes broker's channel and the migration of all previous insurance core life policies to SISnet Insurance.

New functionality for SISnet Claims: Service Provider Hub

October 2015

In order to provide a global service for claim insurers circuits, SISnet Claims has integrated a new feature: the Service Provider Hub. This space offers a more efficient management of orders assigned to the various professionals present in claim management, providing different tools for the development of their work. Finally, the Service Provider Hub allows, if desired, the independence between the orders and tasks of the claim while it is being processed.

SISnet Claims implemented in MC 1906

September 2015

MC 1906 has implemented SISnet Claims in order to perform the management of claims insurers circuits in MDC group. The lines the platform supports are: automobiles, legal defence, funeral, home, accident and health. In addition, meeting the company business requirements, SISnet Claims is also able to manage partners claims.

Creation of a new architecture team in SISnet

June 2015

In order to create a new tool that enables SISnet Suite to implement insurer processes which guarantee insurance core, SISnet has launched a new architecture team. Additionally, this new tool will be supported in the next version 8 and will provide customization to our customers and our ecosystem of integrators.

AIG. Production start in Afflelou stores

May 2015

AIG Spain, leading company in general insurance worldwide, has started a new alternative channel for insurance distribution, supported in SISnet Insurance solution. In this case, policies are sold in Alain Afflelou stores, being every insurance process needed for their distribution guaranteed through our software.

Home line implemented in MDC Underwriting Agency

April 2015

Underwriting agency MDC has implemented SISnet Insurance in home line. Thanks to this new implementation, the underwriting agency has a home line for individuals and also collectives covering, this way, any proposed business requirements. The coverage of home products is provided by CATLIN.


SISnet Engine was introduced in Pelayo Mutua de Seguros

November 2014

The insurance company has implemented SISnet Engine last version. Interconnected with Pelayo’s insurance core, Netijam powerful calculation engine satisfies the multichannel needs of the company, and provides self management to Pelayo technical users. Implemented with active - active services, and making possible any scale-out, SISnet Engine reinforces Pelayo commitment to innovation.

New partner: Geomobile

July 2014

SISnet partnership ecosystem continues growing. The last agreement reached is with Geomobile, a company specialized in mobility solutions, that works with all major operating systems and covers any devices from smartphones to tablets. Through this partnership agreement, SISnet incorporates mobility to the insurance world.

New version of SISnet Engine

April 2014

Netijam has a new version of one of its main products, SISnet Engine. Among the new enhancements, there are rate factors that allow a greater independence to the technical-actuarial department from the insurance companies.
Through this improvement, the technical user has a great variety of risk factors to compose the rate, without the need to generate formulation. Thus, new relativity tables can be implemented faster and without errors.

Netijam works with DAS for the launch of its direct channel website

February 2014

Netijam has developed DAS direct channel website, for contracting online several products of its broad offering. Thereby, the Ergo group legal expenses insurer has a new sales channel, in addition to those already existing that provides, through a well structured website, a simple and effective navigation experience.

SISnet has a new mean of online payment: Paypal

January 2014

Netijam incorporates in its solution SISnet PayPal, a new mean of online payment, which joins the existing ones. Thus, the clients where SISnet is implemented and wish to have this mean of payment, may pay its policies through internet without entering their bank account or credit card number.


SISnet Insurance new vertical travel product

December 2013

SISnet Insurance has a new vertical product about travel insurance to be added to the other vertical products that it already has, such as vertical automobile accidents, property, burial, surety bonds and health insurance.
With this new vertical for travel line, SISnet Insurance strengthens its position in one of the most growing insurance lines internationally.

Agreement with IMQ to implement SISnet Insurance in health line

October 2013

Netijam has signed an agreement with IMQ in order to implement SISnet Insurance in the health line. With this agreement, SISnet Insurance strengthens its position regarding insurance line business, consolidating its vertical product.
This compromise includes, in addition to health line, accidents and burial insurance lines.

Agreement signed with CESCE

October 2013

Netijam has signed an agreement with CESCE to develop, through SISnet Insurance, the surety bond insurance line. Carried out in collaboration with Atmira, this agreement involves the implementation of the solution SISnet Distribution to commercialize insurance surety bonds in the countries in which CESCE already operates: Spain, Portugal, France, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

Netijam releases SISnet Insurance v6

July 2013

Netijam releases the sixth version of SISnet Insurance. This new version includes, as main innovations, multicountry and multilanguage support, which allows an interface in several languages and the chance for a company to operate in different countries.
SISnet Insurance v6 launches 10M Excellence, which includes the following features:
Multiplatform: J2EE as development standard.
Multilanguage: user interface available in several languages.
Multibrand: one company working through different marketing brands. Multicountry: one company operating in different countries.
Multiproduct: able to work with every insurance business line, life or non-life.
Multicurrency: application supports several currencies.
Multichannel: engine differentiated by distribution channel; solutions for any commercial network configuration through several devices (web browser, mobile, tablet…)
Multirate: for the same product, different tariffs by distribution channel, by new business or renewal, making new versions by date…
Multientity: separate instances that enable the management of different processes and insurance entities.
Multilegislation: support for different legislative environments and regulatory framework.

AIG implements Netijam solution, SISnet Insurance

July 2013

AIG Spain, a leading global general insurance company, has implemented SISnet Insurance solution for its personal (auto and home) and accidents insurance lines. Thereby, SISnet Insurance is reinforced in AIG Spain, where it is already implemented for its personal insurance consumer line, collected through bankassurance channel.


SISnet Professional second promotion ends successfully

November 2012

Netijam concludes SISnet Professional second promotion. With this new promotion, Netijam consolidates its partnership policy and strengthens the certification program as an effective way for knowledge and methodology transmission.

DAS, insurance company belonging to DAS International, chooses SISnet Insurance for its insurance processes management

October 2012

DAS, an insurance company framed into Ergo Insurance Group through DAS International, has implemented Netijams’ SISnet Insurance. DAS International is Europe’s leading legal expenses insurance; it manages an annual turnover of more than 1,309 million Euro in premiums, and covers more than 13.7 million policyholders. In addition, DAS belongs to Ergo Insurance Group, German company with a premium volume turnover of more than 16 million Euro and which main shareholder is Munich Re, world’s leading reinsurance company. With this implementation, DAS trusts SISnet for its technical and administrative management and strengthens its position as leader in the world of legal protection.

Nationale Suisse gets the certification in SISnet Insurance

July 2012

Netijam, following its commitment to train in SISnet Insurance, has certified the components of the IT department of Nationale Suisse in this solution, through Netijam’s certification process. By doing this, Netijam widens its training area for these costumers who already use SISnet Insurance and want a more comprehensive knowledge and greater technical expertise.

L’olivier, Admiral Group French branch, implements SISnet Insurance

July 2012

Admiral Group’s insurance branch in France, L’olivier, specialized in automobile insurance, has implemented Netijam’s solution SISnet Insurance. With this implementation, there are already two Admiral Group insurance companies (Balumba and L’olivier) using SISNet Insurance for the technical and administrative management of their processes. Thereby, Netijam achieves a new implementation of its flagship product in the international landscape, in this case in France.

Netijam concludes the first certification promotion in SISNET Insurance.

June 2012

Netijam concludes the first promotion that certifies knowledge on SISnet Insurance. The Certification program, called SISNet Professional, includes both functional and technological aspects and also transfers Netijam’s knowledge and methodology in order to get the best out of SISnet Insurance. This promotion starts a new relationship between Netijam and its partners, that enables them to provide the best technical support and capabilities needed to implement Netijam’ solutions.

KONECTA - CHARTIS implements Netijams’ solution SISnet Insurance

April 2012

Konecta Group, Spanish leader in the Business Process Outsourcing market, implements Netijams’ solution SISnet Insurance to provide service to Chartis, worldwide insurance company. This particular service will take place on personal insurance engaged through bancassurance channel. Thanks to this agreement, SISnet Insurance strengthens its position on bancassurance market and related circuits.


Netijam and T-Systems Iberia work together to commercialize SISnet Solutions on the insurance market.

November 2011

The leader software engineering company specialized on developing and implementing flexible technological solutions for the insurance and financial industry, Netijam, and Deutsche Telekoms’ Spanish branch for business services, T-Systems, signed in October 2011 a partnership agreement aimed to commercialize and implement Netijam’s product SISnet in insurance companies.

Sisnet Insurance, selected again as a technological solution

July 2011

A new underwriting agency has trusted Netijams’ SISnet Insurance for the technical and administrative management of all their processes. This fact reinforces SISnet Insurance in the niche of underwriting agencies for mediation channel, in particular those agencies which wish to contribute with flexible products, competitive fares and mediator agreements; this, combined with appealing remuneration schemes, provides the needed support for client recruiting and retention.

Verti Seguros incorporates SISnet Insurance as technological solution.

January 2011

Verti Seguros has just been released onto the direct insurance market, incorporating SISnet Insurance as technological solution. Verti is launched for telephone channel and internet, connecting with the main market aggregators. In its release, offers automobile, motorbike and home insurance.


Interview with Alfonso de Parrella, Netijam Partner-Director, at Cinco Dias Newspaper

November 2010

Netijam Technologies appears in the financial and business supplement of Cinco Dias Newspaper. “We have our own designed methodology, that interacts with several business areas, and this combined with our technology makes the whole implementation five or ten times faster than our competitors. We make the clients problem our own, we are his partner and that’s why we offer a flexible technology”.
Article: Netijam Technologies, smart software serving the insurance industry


Mutual de Conductors implements successfully SISnet Insurance solution.

December 2009

With the implementation of SISnet Insurance, Mutual de Conductors completes its insurance proposal with new products, now more flexible and with bigger business capacities.
Thanks to this implementation, the company also allows the integration with more ERPs software or brokers apps, and provides a greater chance for both transactional and operational integration.
As the president of Mutual, Joan Badenes, affirms "this new solution solution provides a technologically leading, practical and efficient risk selection, increases online interconnectivity, adds transparency, thanks to a tighter underwriting, and achieves greater loyalty from the distribution networks."

Nacional Suiza Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros S.A. acquires SISnet Insurance solution’s license

October 2009

After the release of the eNAE portal, based on Netijam’s SISnet Distribution solution, Nacional Suiza has decided to acquire SISNET Insurance license to complete their products insurance life cycle, commercialized through ENAE.
With this acquisition, Nationale Suisse Group’s Spanish subsidiary culminates its technological renovation process began last year.

SISnet Insurance expands its range of online interconnectivity

September 2009

Thanks to its interconnection with QS Wsegur 32 platform (Soft QS), E-broker platform (E-2000) and Webinsurance software, SISnet Insurance provides greater support and capacity to generate business to customers. This integration in particular provides support to several lines such as automobile, legal expenses, accidents or driving license ban.
Soft QS has made more than 2.000 implementations in brokerages and accounts more than 10.000 users working in more than 30 insurance companies. E-2000, for its part, provides services to more than 530 brokers and insurance brokerage companies, with over 650 offices, and an aggregate premium volume exceeding € 750 million brokered. Additionally, this online interconnectivity added to the already one done in Arpem, covers a wide spectrum in the insurance distribution landscape.
With this interconnectivity expansion, SISnet Insurance reinforces its integration capability and performance towards the whole management of insurance companies, and real time service support.

Netijam opens a new office in Barcelona

July 2009

In order to improve our services and to put us closer to some of our customers, Netijam has consolidated its expansion by opening a new office in Barcelona. The new offices are located in carrer Aragó 390, Atico 6. The offices have open spaces, functionality and organization, which improves our clients service and the internal working structure.

Nacional Suiza Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros S.A. launches eNAE portal based in Netijam solution SISnet Distribution

January 2009

eNAE portal is structured in five insurance lines (automobile, home, boat, retail and accidents), focused on the brokerage channel and oriented to several customer segments (Premium and Elite), in order to build a integrated and innovative offering.
Besides SISnet Distribution solution, and in order to give the company a fair assessment on its clients risks, Netijam has implemented SISnet Risk Engine which, thanks to its expert systems and business rules, provides high flexibility to Nacional Suiza underwriting policies.

In addition, both Nacional Suiza and Netijam have worked together providing eNAE portal a 100% integration with the company back-office systems and a transparent integration with several external systems.

Netijam launches SISnet Risk Engine.

November 2008

A creative solution that fits the specific risk of each customer to the offering defined by the company in real time and online.

This innovative solution focuses on a proper risk assessment and makes possible, through its expert and business rule system, a great flexibility when shaping the insurance companies offering to the specific risks they pursue. In addition, it allows the automation of some insurance processes and a transparent integration with several external systems.

Netijam attends a seminar as speaker " The technology as a competitive tool in the insurance environment".

September 2008

The seminar, that will take place on October 2, 2008 in Mexico D.C. at Nikko hotel, is addressed to insurance companies presidents, managers, market and system managers and, in general, to insurance market professionals involved in the implementation and development of technological processes inside financial and insurance companies.

The talk will be about the “New paradigms in the online insurance industry” providing our vision on the challenges, new technological opportunities and new scenarios in the insurance business. In addition, Netijam will participate in the round table discussion about the "Impact of new technologies in the companies processes, the relationships with their environment and the business profitability."

Netijam has created SISnet Claims

June 2008

Netijam has created SISnet Claims, a solution that helps insurance companies to save costs automatizing every process of declaration and processing of car claims with personal and material damages.

Asociación Europea selects SISnet Insurance as an integrated platform

March 2008

Asociación Europea, Compañía de Seguros S.A., is a company specialized in personal and health insurance, has selected SISnet Insurance as an integrated platform for the technical and administrative management of its business processes.

The British consultancy firm ATLAS BUSINESS MANAGEMENT LIMITED and NETIJAM TECHNOLOGIES SL sign a strategic alliance

January 2008

Both entities have signed a commercial agreement under which ATLAS BUSINESS MANAGEMENT LIMITED and NETIJAM TECHNOLOGIES SL undertake to promote technological change in the European banking and insurance market through innovative projects.

This agreement sets bases of commitment in the strength of the experience of ATLAS consultancy team on business strategy to advise new business models, distribution and management performance in the European market, and also in the transactional and technological solidity of NETIJAM technological solutions.

Actualidad Aseguradora magazine interviews Alfonso de Parrella, Netijam managing partner

November 2007

"The continuity of the insurance market is to be creative and innovative at all levels, to think in different parameters, and to analyse trends, looking at the edges of current business. ".

Download interview (PDF 143KB)

Mabinet and Netijam have signed a commercial agreement for the distribution and marketing of the range of products and services that Netijam offers to the insurance and financial market

September 2007

Under this agreement, both entities offer SISnet Solutions to small and medium companies in financial and insurance markets, under conditions which best respond to their growth and service needs.

This way, Netijam may offer a more complete and global service to its clients, while Mabinet will benefit from the advantages that Netijam solutions and products offer.

Galicia Aseguradores selects SISnet Insurance as an integrated solution.

July 2007

Galicia Aseguradores, company specialized in Funeral and Assistance, selects SISnet Insurance as an integrated solution for its business processes.

Sabadell Grupo Asegurador chooses SISnet Insurance solution

May 2007

Sabadell Grupo Asegurador has chosen SISnet Insurance for the management of its new automobile line.

Balumba, Spanish branch of Admiral Group issues its first policies through call center and internet channels thanks to SISnet Insurance

October 2006

On October 31, Balumba has issued its first policies simultaneously through it two main distribution channels, call center and internet, thanks to SISnet Insurance.

SISnet Insurance, implemented on schedule and customized for Balumba, operates in an optimal way both in internal channels managed by their own staff (Call Center), and in the external ones operated by the end customer (Internet), through which ones Balumba offers a combined offering of automobile insurance from several companies.

The insurer group Admiral chooses SISnet Insurance solution as an integrated management system for their new company in Spain

March 2006

Admiral Group, British car insurance company, with more than one million customers, after a exhaustive international selection, has selected Netijam' SISnet Insurance as an integrated management system to launch their new company in Spain.

With an ambitious goal, Admiral Group plans to implement all business processes needed to start its operations in Spain within six months.

The implementation of SISnet Insurance requires the incorporation of a dozen external integration, based on the operational requirements of auto mobile lines, on an operational model of direct and internet channels.

ABN AMRO, through its financial branch IMAGINE, agrees with Netijam incorporating SISnet Distribution to their sale, pre and post sales processes for the dealers channel

April 2005

Dutch bank ABN AMRO has incorporated SISnet Distribution solution to the sale, pre and post sale processes in the dealers channel for Imagine. In a bank-assurance model, Imagine gathers, along with their financial offering, oriented to consumer credit, different insurance products from several insurance companies.

Dealers channel disposes, with this platform, of a huge financial offering for its customers and the ability to obtain the loan contract and insurance products associated protection in a single act.

For Imagine, SISnet Distribution becomes a solution that, in real time, allows the loan application with a product combined pricing and the incorporation of the scoring techniques required for this kind of operations.

SISnet Distribution is born as a solution for the combined distribution of financial and insurance products

November 2004

Netijam has created SISnet Distribution to provide the financial market the ability to cross-sell through traditional and alternative distribution channels. SISnet Distribution enables de incorporation of a financial or insurance combined offering from different product providers.

SISnet Distribution consists of underwriting, pricing, product builder and technological integration module from SISnet Insurance. Thus, in the same act, the solution allows the subscription of several products in one, covering the whole management of it.

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