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SISnet Studio

SISnet Studio is configured as a suite of innovative tools and leading-edge technology for the insurance market, to evolve SISnet Insurance core. SISnet Studio eases the implementation to technical-functional users and, at the same time, protects the software itself against misuse of its architecture.

Modules in which SISnet Studio works


      Process workshop

    • Company processes modelling.
    • Product workshop

      Modelling centrepiece of the company and its business lines.
    • Business rules repository

      Single location where all the company business rules are.
    • Expert systems

      Group of business rules with a common goal.
    • Formulation repository

      Ordered and labelled catalogue of formulas for its use and reuse in the calculation flow.
    • Calculation flows

      It enables the user to define different flows for each business line.
    • Simulators

      Unit and massive simulation tools for expert systems and calculation flows.
    • Self service structures

      Enables the user the definition of complex structures and their association with other tools.
    • Metadata

      Eases concept incorporation, from the ones already existing on the platform.
    • Language simplifier

      The implementation of formulas and business rules should be simplified for non-IT users (economists, mathematicians, actuaries, consultants, etc.)

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