SISnet Studio


SISnet Studio is configured as a suite of innovative tools and leading-edge technology for the insurance market, to evolve SISnet 360 Insurance core. SISnet Studio eases the implementation to technical-functional users and, at the same time, protects the software itself against misuse of its architecture.

Modules in which SISnet Studio works

Process workshop

Company processes modelling.

Product workshop

Modelling centrepiece of the company and its business lines.

Business rules repository

Single location where all the company business rules are.

Expert systems

Group of business rules with a common goal.

Formulation repository

Ordered and labelled catalogue of formulas for its use and reuse in the calculation flow.

Calculation flows

It enables the user to define different flows for each business line.


Unit and massive simulation tools for expert systems and calculation flows.

Self service structures

Enables the user the definition of complex structures and their association with other tools.


Eases concept incorporation, from the ones already existing on the platform.

Language simplifier

The implementation of formulas and business rules should be simplified for non-IT users (economists, mathematicians, actuaries, consultants, etc.).