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SISnet sponsors the Latin American Insurance IT Executive Summit

June 2022

SISnet sponsored the Latin American Insurance IT Executive Summit in Florida (USA), an event aimed at insurance technology professionals in the Americas. Iván Rey García, Prosegur AVOS Business Development Manager, Alfonso Parrella, SISnet General Manager and Fernando Vásquez Toriello, SISnet LATAM Business Development Manager, participated in this meeting in which topics such as digital transformation, customer engagement or the impact of Data Analytics and AI to give value to data have been discussed. Different insurtechs participated in the event, generating a space for meeting and collaboration between insurance companies and the most digital ecosystem'.

For more information check Prosegur AVOS LinkedIn

Actualidad SISnet 23

June 2022

Modularization of Jasper Report. The functionality of Jasper Reports has been modularized, as a prelude to the version upgrade in Jasper in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to include the dependency on the new SISnetJasperReports module in the custom project for PDF printing.

Mejoras en la consulta API. In order to speed up the loading of the page within the API query (F10), the loading of the content tree has been modified to Ajax.

Optimization in third party self-billing. For third parties marked as 'Self Invoicing' the system will automatically generate the date and invoice number for automatic and manual payments. Likewise, once the payment is in 'Paid' status (JOBSEPA7A), there is a section in Payment Management called Self Invoicing, where the company will be able to consult the payment and download the corresponding invoice. Finally, these payments are marked as 'Self-billing payments' and, if they are related to an assignment, the assignment number is shown on the payment. More information in the related documentation 'Siniestros en SISnet' and 'Colaboradores y encargos de siniestros'.


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