SISnet Broker

What is it

SISnet Broker is a new product inside SISnet 360 Suite, focused to cover the needs of the distribution channel oriented, among others, to large brokerages, underwriting agencies and bank assurance brokers



  • The current software offer for insurance brokerage is too generalist and oriented to small and medium size brokerages
  • From the point of view of integration between insurers and brokerages, it has not gone beyond services based on price and structural elements of the contract (policies, invoices and claims), without being able to attend processes and customers
  • From technology perspective, it does not satisfy large brokerages direct channel needs
  • Some of the insurance companies feel imprisoned of brokerage software, because of maintenance duplicity of costs


Keys to success

  • Based on SISnet Insurance framework, with more than 13 years' experience in productive environments of the insurance market
  • Strategic agreement with El Corte Ingles insurance brokerage (CESS), so that this product serves as a basis for the integral management of its back office
  • Integration synergies between SISnet Broker and SISnet Insurance, sharing the same technology framework
  • Support from SISnet Insurance clients already working with CESS
  • Native support for SISnetStudio tools

Functional scope

  • Product workshop
  • Processes workshop
  • CRM
  • Business and processes agenda
  • Sales network management
  • Document management
  • Commission and incentive management
  • Management control
  • Bank invoicing and other means of payment
  • Second collection and bad debt management

  • Contracting processes and portfolio maintenance
  • Claim module
  • Commission settlement to own network
  • Settlement to companies
  • Security management
  • Content management
  • Correspondence module
  • EIAC
  • Native integration with insurance companies
  • Process agenda in mobile app

Technology keys

  • Based in J2EE technology
  • Multi-database (Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Native web environment
  • Cloud-ready
  • Horizontal and vertical scalability
  • High availability
  • SOAP and REST connectivity